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Kyle Umbarger

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About Me

I Create Awesome Stuff

Born and raised in Huntington Beach, Ca, I've always had a gravitation towards the ocean. My love for the ocean, helping people, and high pressure situations, led me to become a Lifeguard for Huntington State Beach for the past 12 summers. Although, in the back of my mind, I've always wanted to be more dynamically challenged.

While on a surf trip to Central America post-graduate, I dabbled in internet marketing and ended up stumbling across an online coding program. The connection was instant, and the rest of my travels were with me sitting in an internet cafe learning how to code.

Once I returned to the United States, I started to look for software development programs, and ended up applying to a full-immersion software development program called LearningFuze.

LearningFuze has helped me focus on what's important in my journey as a software developer, and has been an awesome addition to my education. My primary focus has been on the implementation of NodeJS and MySQL for back-end development, while having a long-term goal of user-experience in mind.

Currently, I'm seeking a role as a Web Developer within a company that respects their employees, has opportunities for advancement, and is supportive of furthering the knowledge of their employees within web development.

Fun Facts

"Heres To The Crazy Ones"

I'm a well-rounded individual with a Bachelors of Science in Finance from California State University, Long Beach. Along with my Bachelor's degree, I have a Sommelier, and a passion for everything that involves the ocean.

I enjoy surfing, snowboarding, traveling, wine/beer, and building awesome $#!t.

My Developer Skills

My main area of expertise is back-end development using NodeJS, and everything related to server-side deployment. Although I specialize in server-side deployment, I have a fascination with design and user experience. I love to build great apps that not only help people, but make people excited to use them.


Back-End Development At Its Finest

Simple webpages become complex by correctly implementing the right back-end for the job.

  • NodeJS
  • Express
  • Passport
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Mongoose
  • RESTful API
  • Error Handling


People will ignore the design that ignores them!

Utilization of the below languages and the right team, make simple websites become UX driven!

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Sass
  • Bootstrap
  • Materialize


Continuous improvement means continually questioning what you did and how you can do it better.

In all my projects, I use the agile process to break down development to efficiently and effectively utilize my time.

  • Planning
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Designing
  • Building
  • Testing
  • Sprints
  • Standups
  • Trello/Meistertask
Team Player
Excellent Communicator
Detail Oriented

— Work Hard. Dream Big. —

Contact Me

Orange County, California
United States